Panthers’ WR DJ Moore and QB Baker Mayfield are finally building their chemistry  

October 6, 2022

The D.J. Moore and Baker Mayfield combination is starting to come alive for the Panthers, can they keep it up against the NFL’s best defense in the 49ers?

Panthers WR D.J. Moore and QB Baker Mayfield’s chemistry doesn’t seem to be an issue on the field in Sunday’s 26-16 loss to QB Kyler Murray, and the Arizona Cardinals.

In recent weeks, Mayfield and Moore’s connection has been lackluster. Mayfield is completing 44 percent of his passes to the No. one wideout through Week Four. In last week’s loss, the pair got something going with six of 11 attempts for 50 yards, resulting in a season-high of targets and yards for Moore.

Moore also rushed for 11 on his only carry in Sunday’s disappointing performance.

While there is still someway to go before the pair fully get it together, the signs are postitive for the Panthers heading into a tough matchup against the number one ranked 49er defense.

Panthers Pair Connection Starting To Build?

In Week One and Week Two, Mayfield connected with Moore for 43 yards each with Moore adding his only TD of the season in Week Two. In Week Three against Alvin Kamara, RB, and the New Orleans Saints, Baker couldn’t fix his sloppy performance with Moore, catching one of six targets, for a total of just two yards.

After the Week Three loss, Panthers’ Coach, Rhule, stated that the wideouts have to get open for Baker for the team to succeed. Moore said, “It all goes hand and hand, pretty much what he said is we have to get on the same page.”

Mayfield completed 13 of his 29 pass attempts to Moore, one of those resulting in a touchdown, in the Week Two loss against RB Saquon Barkley, and the New York Giants. 

Panthers Offense Struggles To Continue?

The Panthers could be in trouble this week.

The Week Five matchup is against Deebo Samuel,and the San Francisco 49ers. The 49er’s defense held the defending Super Bowl champs, Matthew Stafford Cooper Kupp and the electric Los Angeles Rams offense to nine points. However, the duo did manage to rack up 122 yards, 14 for 19 attempts.

This week’s match-up could be a long day ahead for Mayfield and the Panthers. Mayfield has yet to have a multi-passing touchdown game this season, and it’s not likely that he will succeed. The 49er’s defense is arguably the best in the league this year, managing to sack the quarterback 15 times, forcing six turnovers, and allowing an average, of 2.9 rushing yards per attempt.

This upcoming week will be excruciating on the ground for the Panthers’ elusive back, Christian McCaffrey. McCaffrey is averaging 4.7 yards a carry, and only has one touchdown. The 49er’s defense has allowed two rushing touchdowns and two passing touchdowns, McCaffrey hopes he can get in the end zone this week like last week against the Cardinals. But if the Panthers want to win this game they must give CMC more than eight carries he had in Week Four.

Moore and Mayfield will have to come alive if they want a chance to win on Sunday. Moore is not touchdown dependable, and Mayfield is not accurate. San Francisco’s defense has picked the ball off four times this season so far, and Mayfield has the most games with at least three or more turnovers since his career debut.

This match-up will be a tough battle for Baker and co., as they figure out their offensive woes against a defense poised to repeat in Week Five.